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Returns Management and
Remanufacturing Services

Two ARC members working with vendor

ARC helps OEMs, Distributors, and Retailers reduce costs, protect brands, and gain access to key data from returned products.

Our solutions are guided by a simple principle: help companies redefine remanufacturing to improve their operations.

ARC is a returns industry leader supporting Small Kitchen Appliance, Home Comfort, Floorcare, Powered
Hand Tools, and Outdoor Power Equipment.

We are uniquely positioned as the only vertically integrated solutions company in North America to offer remanufacturing, technical services, recycling and resale services.

ARC is a diverse group of individuals
that are passionate about reverse
logistics and returns management. We
are obsessively compelled to create
value. We adapt to changing market
dynamics quickly in order to serve our
clients best.

ARC brings order to chaos. Returns are
messy. ARC creates programs that align
with our client goals – process velocity,
insightful data and analytics,
conversion of returns into sellable
goods and corporate stewardship.

Years in Business

Processing Facilities

America’s Remanufacturing Company Solutions

Returns Management Services

ARC is the consolidated returns
point for retail consumer returns
offering crediting & RTV services.

Quality As A Service (QaaS)

ARC’s repair and remanufacturing
services support brand owner’s
need to understand returns

Product Disposition

ARC provides resale, fulfillment
and recycling services for all
managed products

Leading brands and retailers trust ARC to provide key returns management
and reverse logistics services. Our data-driven processes allow brand owners and product
sellers to better understand the life-cycle of returned goods – driving informed decisions to improve products, reduce returns, and create better customer experiences.



ARC has been an industry leader in the returns
management, repair, remanufacturing and resale
of consumer products.

From our humble beginnings as a provider to TTI
Floor Care, ARC has expanded from vacuums into
small kitchen appliances, home comfort products,
compact refrigeration, outdoor power
equipment, portable power generation, and
handheld power tools. Today we process in
excess of one million units per year.


Quality as a Service

ARC bundles data and analytics into our solutions to better understand the total cost to serve returns. ARC processes thousands of SKUs, collecting unique returns data at a unit level. Leveraging
this data allows our clients to make better up and downstream decisions. We call this Quality as a Service and it is another way that ARC is redefining

“ARC refurbished products allow me to provide high quality products to my customers at great prices. I am really happy with their product selection, pricing, and customer service.”
Alan S.

ARC Customer

“ARC created a completed returns management solution for our company. We had never reconditioned our product and were just scrapping all returned goods. ARC reconditioned our products and created a multimillion dollar sales channel for reconditioned products. We diverted in excess of 2.3M pounds of product from the landfill in the process.”
Mr. Patrick

Recon Client, ARC OPE